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Veteran regional vape shop retail chain and eliquid manufacturers were hugely successful in their market and they were ready to go national. They face numerous challenges including a major pending FDA regulation grandfathering in products and giving a 2-year window to submit the proper documentation for approval. The deadline alone was a challenge, however with the announcement from the FDA, hundreds of other eliquid companies, hardware companies, vape shops and even entrepreneurs unfamiliar with the space were about to flood the market. They all had the same idea, bring a product to market, see if it’s viable, then if it is pay the costly FDA fees. So not only did we have to get things done quickly and efficiently, we had to really nail it, as the brand would likely face serious scrutiny under the close watch of the FDA and stiff competition at launch.

OutBoost Media offers a full range of printed marketing materials. From concept to design and fabrication, our team can take you from the drawing board to the showroom floor in no time at all. Our experts understand what makes a successful marketing asset and what ends up as kindling for your fireplace. Whether you need need cost effective and fast turnaround times, or custom sized and shaped print materials with metallic paints, Satin Matte Finish with Spot UV Gloss Coating, we will blow you away with our print capabilities. With a network of over 200 enterprise grade printing presses across the country, we deliver a wide range of print materials at extremely competitive prices. Shopping online and found a price you think cannot be beat? Try us! Our experts will give you a true apples-to-apple comparison. Don’t be fooled by bait and switch tactics, or leave the likelihood of a call-back from a prospective buyer to a flimsy business card or dull prints. OutBoost Media is a leader in bringing enterprise level quality marketing materials and strategies to the small business sector.

OutBoost Media specializes in product development, branding and digital marketing for startups including consumer package goods, mobile and web apps, B2C and B2B services. As a full-service digital agency, we offer high fidelity printing and other traditional marketing services while keeping our pricing in-line with smaller independent designers. The benefit of working with OutBoost Media, is that you get a team of specialists working on your project for a fraction of the cost than the NYC agencies do it without compromising on quality. That is why private equity firms choose us year after year for our reliability and consistent quality work that can scale as your business grows.

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  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Branding, Logo Design, Product Development, Package Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing
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