Organic Dark Chocolate Bar – Product Development

Product Development & Package Design

Our client was reviewing potential opportunities to expand its offerings in various new categories. As part of the process we conducted market research, identified strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the marketplace as well as created initial product concepts and mockups to be used during a client conducted consumer research panel to ascertain the potential of the products in the marketplace and receive feedback from likely buyers.

A big goal for us on this project was to really take chocolate to a different level. We didn’t want just a plain chocolate bar, we wanted to express the organic-natural nature of the product, but we also wanted the experience to be different, that would mean calling it something different than just a chocolate bar, but not so different that someone wouldn’t be able to identify what it truly was. One of top choices was “bark”.

Custom package design to manufacturers specifications. Project deliverables included multiple initial design concepts for round one, with subsequent rounds refining the finished product.