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Veteran regional vape shop retail chain and eliquid manufacturers were hugely successful in their market and they were ready to go national. They face numerous challenges including a major pending FDA regulation grandfathering in products and giving a 2-year window to submit the proper documentation for approval. The deadline alone was a challenge, however with the announcement from the FDA, hundreds of other eliquid companies, hardware companies, vape shops and even entrepreneurs unfamiliar with the space were about to flood the market. They all had the same idea, bring a product to market, see if it’s viable, then if it is pay the costly FDA fees. So not only did we have to get things done quickly and efficiently, we had to really nail it, as the brand would likely face serious scrutiny under the close watch of the FDA and stiff competition at launch.

OutBoost Media partners with Saffire Vapor as strategic marketing consultants to assist with brand consultation, product development, and launch marketing strategies. Saffire Vapor brought on board the leading industry market research firm to guide the project and deliver us the type of data that is critical to making critical business decisions throughout this process. We needed to understand the market, develop a clear concept that stood out in an extremely overloaded category and do so with minimal revisions and errors. This was one of those, “you have one shot at this to get it right” moments.

Working with the team at Saffire we brought together key concepts from the Saffire brand that had to be present in all product lines they offered while making a line that could gain traction in the highly discerning urban centers across the US, with a company that had a strong presence only in the south. The result was a minimalist brand that focused on flavor, vapor, and all-around consistency. In an industry flooded with tens of thousands of flavors, very little consistency could be found when it came to a brand that every flavor you picked up was enjoyable, even if you weren’t crazy about the flavor, and monotony was everywhere when it came to glass bottle and eye dropper packaging.

The client was pushing for a custom bottle design that stood, but we helped them take it to the next level. One of the biggest problems with vaping is the carrying around a dropper bottle, plus you’d have to purchase an additional plastic dropper bottle to carry with you as the glass bottle just isn’t suited to being in your pocket. It’s big, bulky, fragile and would be very painful if it cracked in your pants, in addition to the cuts you’d have toxic nicotine absorbing into your skin and open wound. Not a good idea. Looking at the design they had in mind, with a few tweaks we were able to make the bottle serve multiple purposes.

  1. Stand Out Merchandising – The white bottle’s reflectivity combined with vibrant flavor colors bounced high amounts of light back at the consumers eye. In a world where black matte bottles were about to explode, and grungy branding was everywhere, this alone made a huge difference on the shelf. Not to mention, the bottle shape and size required additional shelf space than comparable sized glass bottles, which in most premium vape shops was never a problem.
  2. Convenience – We really hit a home run with convenience. Although the product was designed to be premium, we took what would normally be used to pitch a cost savings, by not needing to buy the typical plastic “unicorn” bottle, could now be marketed as raising the bar. If you’re buying a premium product you need premium features and that means having more of what you want included. It’s like buying the BMW without leather and bluetooth, yeah it’s available, but what’s the point? The bottles patentable design gave the company more of an edge in the market while providing value to the customer, always a winning scenario! Clear windows were used keep an eye on the eliquid level remaining in the bottle and the shape fit beautifully in a side or rear pants or jeans pocket due to its slim, rectangular shape. Additional rounded and beveled edges meant the bottle could be gripped firmly in your hand for an easy pour, while still being comfortable to hold for long periods of time for all the drippers out there.

These unique product design features to the eliquid bottle design added more value to the product, putting less pressure on the flavor and vapor production to make the overall product launch a success. Many companies rush through these critical stages and miss great opportunities to drive innovation and provide value to consumers beyond the status quo. Having a team of qualified, experienced, and creative marketers, designers and engineers behind you makes bringing a product from concept to market, a lot easier, enjoyable and more likely to succeed. Rushing the product development process can cause delays in the production schedule, unusable goods, and damage to brand equity. OutBoost Media specializes in product development, branding and digital marketing for startups including consumer package goods, mobile and web apps, B2C and B2B services. As a full-service digital agency, we offer high fidelity printing and other traditional marketing services while keeping our pricing in-line with smaller independent designers.

The benefit of working with OutBoost Media, is that you get a team of specialists working on your project for a fraction of the cost than the NYC agencies do it without compromising on quality. That is why private equity firms choose us year after year for our reliability and consistent quality work that can scale as your business grows.

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