Vape – Branding & Product Development (Distribution & Retail-Ready)

OutBoost Media partnered with LIV Electronic Cigarettes from prior to its conception. In the early stages of product design and development we were able to lay the proper foundation for the brand so that all future business decisions could be made with ease. By clearly defining the brand from the beginning in the Brand Guidelines document, we avoided several pitfalls as subjective differences of opinion typically prevent progress and do not result in the optimal solution, rather a compromise for the sake of agreement. OutBoost Media prefers to take the ego out of decision making, by clearly defining brand values and objectives in advance, this makes the rest of the business building process go much smoother!

If we could provide one piece of advise, and one only, it would be to never rush the branding stage. You can never have too many brand guidelines. In fact, most businesses, even successful, seasoned ones, do not fully understand their customer base, the different target markets, their needs and wants, why they purchase and how each customer group sees the product/brand differently.

OutBoost Media specializes in product development, branding and digital marketing for startups including consumer package goods, mobile and web apps, B2C and B2B services. As a full-service digital agency, we offer high fidelity printing and other traditional marketing services while keeping our pricing in-line with smaller independent designers. The benefit of working with OutBoost Media, is that you get a team of specialists working on your project for a fraction of the cost than the NYC agencies do it without compromising on quality. That is why private equity firms choose us year after year for our reliability and consistent quality work that can scale as your business grows.

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  • CLIENT LIV Electronic Cigarettes LLC
  • YEAR 2014-2016
  • WE DID Branding, Logo Design, Product Development, Package Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing
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